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About Aniruddha Deshpande

When you pursue your dream with dedication and hard work, nothing can stop you from achieving it. Mr. Aniruddha Deshpande followed his dreams with grit and determination and made his mark across various verticals.

Real Estate:
He has the distinction of being the one to promote the idea of a post-independence hill station developed by an Indian. His vision later took the form of Lavasa – the 1st private hill station post-independence.
With experience of over 25 years and a construction of over 10,000 sq. ft., Mr. Aniruddha Deshpande has established himself as one of the most trusted and innovative developers in Pune. In addition, he has also built Amanora Park Town – Maharashtra’s first privately managed smart city, probably India’s first as well.

Social Contribution:
Mr. Aniruddha Deshpande is committed to the betterment of the society and has commendably contributed to an array of social causes.

Pune’s Redevelopment Plan:
As the chairman of CDSI (Citizens Development Society of Pune) Mr. Deshpande promoted Pune Redevelopment Plan in (2005) to inject urban & environmental planning in Pune’s infrastructure developments. He also played a significant role in CDSI’s extensive research on Pune’s redevelopment plan and getting sanction for a large fund from the Japanese Bank of International Cooperation (JBIC).

An active supporter of NAVKSHITIJ:
Navkshitij is a registered five year old NGO offering permanent residence for Mentally Challenged Adults (MCA). Besides substantial financial contribution Mr. Deshpande also helps in managing the NGO efficiently.

Adivasi Paradhi Samaj Ashramshala:
To make the Paradhi community crime-free, Mr. Aniruddha Deshpande runs a Paradhi and Adivasi Ashram School at Sajjanpuri (Tal. Khamgaon, Dist. Buldhana). It is the only such school in the region and takes pride in its modern infrastructure. It is home to over 800 students. These students have made the school proud by making their mark in various district, regional and state level competitions.

Suryoday Balgruha:
Suryoday Balgruha is an organization established in 2008 that works in the interest of children suffering from HIV/AIDS in Akola. The foundation currently caters to the needs of 75 children and provides them with psychosocial care, healthcare, nutrition, education, spiritual support, etc. It strives to give them a life of dignity through love and kindness.

Malin Village:
Malin is a village in the Ambegaon Taluka in the district of Pune which unfortunately got ‘buried’ under massive debris due to a landslide. Mr. Deshpande is assisting the Government of Maharashtra in its efforts to rehabilitate the village. With the help of the locals, the initiative aims to transform the tragedy-struck village eventually into a smart village, by providing assistance in women employment generation, making the village autonomous and ensuring computerization of processes.

Promoting the Green Thumb Initiative:
Established in 1993, Green Thumb is an active environment protection NGO under the leadership of Lt. Col. Suresh Patil. Mr. Deshpande is associated with Green Thumb to undertake the ‘Amanora Green Thumb de-silting of Khadakwasla Dam initiative’ to improve Pune City’s water supply in the immediate future. Besides financial contribution he is also instrumental in getting the government agencies’ support for this cause.

As a sportsman & sports organizer Mr. Deshpande has created city, district & state level institutional bodies for sports such as cricket, badminton, chess, football and car racing.

  • •Participated in 27 car rallies. Winner of the 1981 Himalayan Car Rally
  • •Founded PARA – Pune Automotive Racing Association and organized many highly appreciated racing events in the 1980’s
  • •Organized World Championship Round in 1989 for the first time in India
  • •Completed the Mansarovar Trek in 1996 and bicycled to many European countries
  • •Founded the Maharashtra Badminton League
  • •Proud owner of Torna Tigers, one of the teams of the Maharashtra Premier league
  • •With his support, one of Pune’s oldest football clubs, the Deccan 11 has been able to continue nurturing local talent and has won tournaments too!

He plays an active role in the promotion and development of the regional theatre and film fraternities. In association with Great Maratha Entertainment LLP, he has produced a number of films such as Kakasparsha, Kutumba, Koknastha, Prayaksha, etc.

Aniruddha Deshpande and his team are currently developing a large eco resort near Roha, which will have one of the best spa facilities in the world. This development helps the residents of the surrounding 10 tribal villages by creating sustained job opportunities at the local level and by making other basic facilities like potable water available to them.

He has won an astonishing 50 personal awards from renowned institutions.


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